Adventures in Crafting: Easter Edition

Happy Easter!

Hopefully by now you’re all drifting off into a lovely chocolate bunny coma, I know I’m definitely reaching chocolate overload! Chocolate, although it is an important part of Easter, isn’t my favorite part. My favorite part of Easter has always been dyeing eggs. I’ve loved decorating eggs ever since I was little (one year I even blew out the eggs, that was fun until I almost passed out) but the last couple of years I’ve been really busy around Easter so I haven’t been able to do any egg decorating. 😦 This year however, I decided to make it my life’s mission to decorate some Easter eggs, just with a little twist.

My mom took up needle felting this year after she took a workshop. During said workshop she made the cutest owl ever! (I’m trying to work up to this level of intricacy).


Since my mom has this new found love of needle felting she decided that for Easter she would undertake a needle felting project where she would make some decorated eggs and give them as gifts to friends and family. She bought all sorts of beautiful yarn and some styrofoam eggs for the base and started making these amazing little needle felted gems. She taught me how to do it and I have to say I think I enjoy it more than dyeing eggs the old fashioned way! You get to make beautiful ornate designs and the eggs, or whatever you’re felting, last from year to year. And no more smelly boiled eggs!

DSCF1880  DSCF1881

The beautiful pink themed eggs in their nest.

DSCF1884  DSCF1886

The garden inspired eggs also in their nest

Felting the Easter eggs was unbelievably fun, I definitely think I may have found a new addiction! It’s kind of like sewing in the sense that you work with a lot of small things before you get to see the big picture. It’s also a lot like sewing because it’s another thing my mom introduced to only to have me completely fall in love with it.


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