Simplicity 2209: Lisette Passport Dress. Two cute summer dresses, in March.

Back in March of 2014 I hinted I was making a version of the Simplicity 2209 in a cotton white and blue geometric print. I finished it back in May and loved the pattern so much that I made a second one! I really enjoyed putting these dresses together. They were pretty straight forward and I did very little alteration to the pattern. However, being on the shorter side I had to alter the arm holes slightly by taking them up at the shoulder and adding a small extra dart at the bust.

So down to the nitty gritty of the project. As I mentioned I used a the Simplicity 2209 and I made version A. For the first dress I used a light weight cotton in blue with a white geometric flower print. The overlapping darts on the front of the bodice seemed a little intimidating at first, however they came together much easier then I had initially thought and really help to give the dress a wonderful fit.

DSCF1852        DSCF1853

    The overlapping darts on the front of the bodice             Bodice with facing and bias tape at arm holes

Concerning fit, I did very little to alter the pattern. I took in the shoulders a bit and added in a dart at the bust for a better fit. Before I put the dart in, there was quite a bit of gaping in the arm hole, it wasn’t a cute look. I have had this problem with a lot of “off the rack” clothing and in most cases I don’t end up buying the piece or I end up regretting the piece all together. I’m not confident enough to alter the paper pattern yet, I think I’m slowly getting there, so the addition of a dart was the next best thing. Sewing has allowed me to really customize my clothes to my body, helping with my confidence along the way. And as you can see the fit is much better!

               DSCF1856            DSCF1938e

                 Before the addition of the bust dart.                After the addition of the bust dart.

For the second dress I used a light weight cotton in a lime green and white gingham pattern with white daisies. The second time around I added the dart at the bust and I also took up the hem a little shorter.

                   DSCF1939e     DSCF1949e

                                                 Blue cotton with white geometric flower print

                   DSCF1954e       DSCF1953e

                                             Lime green and white cotton gingham, with white daisies*

I really enjoyed making this dress, it was a simple to follow pattern with a flattering fit. Something I really liked about this pattern was the bias tape at the arm holes, it made for such a neat finish and I didn’t have to fiddle with facing! I also really like that the skirt didn’t add any unnecessary bulk to the waist. I did find the zipper a little tricky to install. The lapped zipper was a new concept that I had not tried out before. I followed the instructions and I actually thought it turned out okay, unfortunately I put it in with the flap facing the wrong way! I was able to learn from my mistake on the second version of the dress, and I really like the option of the lapped zipper (invisible zippers are still a bit intimidating). I wore both dresses quite a bit over the summer and was really pleased with the final result. Over all the dress was straight forward to put together and a really great wardrobe builder. I am definitely thinking about making this pattern again!

*Please ignore the wrinkles. These dresses haven’t seen the light of day in months, not great weather for dresses at the moment.


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